A great ski experience

Run by professionals, enjoyed by kids. Choose your destination and features and take your school to this unforgettable ski-trip

4 Reasons


Sometimes you need to go out from school to keep on learning. New environment, new landscape, new relationships, new experiences.


We want kids to find out that they live in a world that has a lot more than buildings and pavement. If they experience nature, they’ll take care of it.

Sport and lifestyle

This is an invitation to an active lifestyle. Snowboarding and skiing will enforce their physical capabilities and wake their sports interest.

The experience

The coolest (but coldest) adventure! This is supposed to be an unforgettable journey. It will be not only fun but full of new friendships, sports & nature.

Let's Get In Touch!

Your best ski-trip is awaiting. Ski, nature, sports and a unique experience that you and the kids will never forget. Ready to join us? Contact with us at:

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